Is it Time For a Parasites Cleanse?

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This is really something that's not talked about at all, but you'll be surprised how many people have parasites in their intestines and it's not a good thing. Apparently up to half of the human race have parasites. They live inside your intestines and live off the plaque that lines the walls of your colon!

You might ask how they get inside your intestines? Well, they can be in the food and water you consume, though the air, and even through sex. Insect bites can also transfer parasites to you. However the main reason most of us keep our parasites is because of an unhealthy digestive system and GI tract. Unfortunately most of us do have an unhealthy digestive system and that is because we eat food laden and drink with chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins. These toxins are stored in the colon where they build up layer upon layer inside the walls of the colon. This is a great breeding ground for parasites and other 'nasty' critters. That's why it's a great idea to have clean yourself out on the inside and not just on the outside!

The good news is that there are lots of products that cater to a parasites cleanse. When you are looking for a product, make sure it also addresses parasites. Some cleansers are for parasites alone whereas others cater to everything. Actually there are three herbs that when combined together can help kill more than 100 type of parasites. If you take these, chances are you will probably be free of parasites. Black walnut and wormwood attack adult parasites and Common Sloves take on the eggs.

Before the cleanse eat lightly and enjoy broths or light soups. Do not eat sugar in any form and give up heavy foods like meat or dairy. It's also good to take apple cider vinegar before meals. Also garlic is great and loves attacking parasites - you can get capsules if you don't like the real thing!

Once you have finished the cleanse you will definitely feel 'lighter' and cleaner and no doubt have more energy as well.

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It's time to do a parasite cleanse to get rid of the critters that live in your colon. Find more resources about colon cleansing at

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Is it Time For a Parasites Cleanse?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03