8 Usual Parasites Of Human Blood You Must Know

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Parasites are organisms that draw nourishment from another organism, defined as the host, in order to survive. Animals and humans can receive an infection from the parasites. Most parasites reside outside of the host in the skin or hair, but there are a few that reside inside the host. Host's blood or tissues are the place where the parasites may thrive. If you know which parasites to avoid, you avoid infection.


As far as parasites goes, humans are most likely to fall victim to lice. In their lifetime, they prey on human beings. Lice are very small and wingless insects with six legs. They most commonly infest or live on a human's scalp but they can also be found in other parts of the body like the eyelashes and even in the pubic area.


Modern day vampires are more associated with those annoying little bugs we call mosquitoes than there latter day namesake. Mosquitoes are also regarded as pests. Mosquitoes have evolved specialized mouth-parts to suck your blood. After piercing the skin, they inject their saliva, that acts like an anti-coagulant, and then it begins to absorb blood. Mosquitoes transmit disease.


These reddish brown flat insects are commonly known as fleas. They have the ability to jump over 100 times their own height, which translates to about a foot high. They most commonly live off household pets like dogs and cats, but they can also infest humans.

Bed bugs

Tiny brown insects that like linens and cool dark places received the name bed bugs because they are commonly found in old mattresses. These creatures are nocturnal and during dawn they generally feed on their hosts.


Because they attach to the skin, ticks are known as epidermal parasites. The pincers are then injected into the skin of the host and they will gorge themselves on the blood of the host. Having eaten their fill, they soon detach from the host. Ticks are known to carry infections and many serious illnesses like Lyme disease.


mites dig deep into the skin, sucking blood in the process. They can also cause skin problems like acne. Mites may infect any of the individual; even then the aged persons fall prey to this microscopic organism more often.


Predatory insects from the Reduviidae family include the blood-sucking organisms triatoma. Triatoma are also referred to as the kissing bugs since they generally bite the lips of humans when they sleep. They are also known to bite the soft tissues of the eyes. Chagas disease can be spread by some of these species.


The Babesiosis ailment is caused by a parasite of the blood, known as Babesia. Symptoms similar to malaria crop up in infected humans. This is the reason why some cases of Babesiosis are wrongly diagnosed as malaria.

Parasite knowledge will help protect you from these creatures.
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8 Usual Parasites Of Human Blood You Must Know

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